The staff at Hawar International School are one of the school's most vital resources. They consist of a carefully selected group of Western, Bahraini and other individuals. This talented group of educators and support staff bring to the classroom an intelligent balance of academic and professional credentials appropriate to our mission. They are passionate about their profession and their students, and possess not only a deep knowledge of their subject matter but also an awareness of how to foster a rigorous, stimulating and enriching intellectual environment.

At Hawar International School the teachers are committed to improving their instructional skills in order to better meet the needs of their learners. Throughout the year, they will engage in ongoing exploration and discussion of the best practices in learning and assessment. They are willing to go above and beyond the mere job description in order to help create the ideal educational environment. They are able to clearly articulate material at different levels and in different ways for students and, by using a variety of instructional strategies and resources, they respond to students' diverse needs. They show compassion, integrity and cultural and social sensitivity. They believe in the need to integrate intellectual, physical, social and emotional domains in order to develop the whole person.

The Hawar International School staff show commitment to the education of the whole person which is reinforced through their being actively involved with the students in all spheres of their school life. Their role is not limited to the classroom; they are also coaches and mentors.

Last but not least, our faculty members adhere to the bedrock principle that whatever the situation, the student's welfare comes first. Like our teachers and assistants, the non-teaching staff at Hawar International School are of the highest possible caliber. Not only are they highly qualified, dedicated and enthusiastic professionals, but they understand that they also share in the school’s devotion to the education of boys and girls in throughout the school.