We are always happy to respond to any enquiry and our reception staff will be delighted to help out in any way they can. Please note, however, that the reception staff are unable to deliver messages or belongings personally to students in their classrooms.

Parents are also requested to make prior arrangements for their children’s after school activities and travel rather than leaving telephone messages with the receptionist. Of course, we are always willing to convey any information to students that is necessary and urgent but please keep messages to your children to an absolute minimum except in the case of a family emergency.

Your child’s classroom teacher or homeroom tutor is your first point of contact with the school. You are welcome to contact them if you have any concerns about your child’s progress or if they are experiencing difficulties of any kind. An appointment can be arranged and most problems can be easily solved when dealt with at an early stage. They may be able to deal with the issue themselves or they will help you to decide which member of staff is best suited to deal with your enquiry.

We encourage the use of email as the most convenient form of contact with the teachers, however, if you need to discuss a serious issue with one of the Principals please contact reception who will either put you through or take a message. You can also email the relevant secretary.

You can contact staff by calling reception and leaving a message for the class teacher or form tutor to call you back. Your call will be returned as soon as possible, given the teacher’s full-time teaching commitments and activity schedule. If the message is particularly urgent, please tell the receptionist and every effort will be made to get back to you at the first available opportunity.

Contact with Parents

It is essential that we have the correct contact information for the parents or guardians of our students in our data system. If you have changed any of your contact information, please send the information to school through our registration department.


There is a weekly newsletter containing important and useful information which is emailed and posted on our website. We encourage you to read it every week to ensure that you receive the updated information.


In the event of urgent information that we need to communicate with parents, we will send out an sms. It is the parents’ responsibility to ensure we have the most up to date phone number for you.

Parent Portal

The school uses school management software that allows parents to follow their child’s progress over the course of the academic year. Information explaining the use of the parent portal is given at the start of the year. This area of the school’s website requires individual username and password for access.

Parent Meetings

There is a schedule of parent meetings for each year group held throughout the year for parents to meet their children’s tutors and teachers. Details of these meetings will be sent out to you throughout the year via the weekly newsletter. Parents are also welcome to come to school to meet with individual teachers throughout the year but please only do so if you have made a pre-arranged appointment with the teacher concerned.

Student Diary

All students receive a student diary and this is used for students to record their homework and assessments. It is also used for two way communication between home and school. Parents can use the diary to send messages to the teachers. Parents should also check the diary on a regular basis as teachers may send messages to you through the student diary.