Middle School

We support and encourage each Middle School student on the road to independence. This is a time of great growth, exploration and personal discovery and we believe it is our role to inspire in our students the courage to reach their individual potential.

We believe that every child can learn and that our diversity will teach us about perspective, culture, differences, similarities, compassion, conflict, and consensus. Experiences at school will help students understand their own values, goals and views of the world and help them become more confident and capable.

We encourage each student to enjoy their time at HIS, to learn from heir peers and to embrace their ability to make a difference in their own life and the lives of others. We look forward to and celebrate the opportunity to prepare our Middle School students for a changing and increasingly global world in the 21st century.

We believe that young adults love to learn and thrive when challenged. We believe that when students are well-challenged, they will rise to the occasion; when students are treated with respect, they will respect themselves and others; and when students are given opportunities to make choices and explore, they will learn about themselves and their role in the world around them.

Our teachers, curriculum, resources, and programs all contribute to facilitating a meaningful transition into adolescence. We want every student to progress to the High School with the knowledge, self-awareness, and self-confidence to pursue their dreams and enhance the lives of others.

In the Middle School students study Arabic Language, Arabic Social Studies, Islamic Studies, English, Math, Science and Social Studies. Lessons are also taken in Art, French, PE and ICT.