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Dear Parents,

Yesterday we celebrated the success of our KG2 students as they transition into Grade 1 in the New Year, this is the formal start of their educational journey and it is fitting that tonight we celebrate our Grade 12 students who graduate now at the end of this part of their own journey.

Thank you to all of our staff, KG and grades for preparing for both events, yesterday was thoroughly enjoyable watching the excitement and eagerness of our younger students. The costumes and performances were again a joy to behold. Thank you to Ms. Mariam and her team, a great morning.

Today I am looking forward to our Graduation ceremony for Grade 12 and I know how much hard work and effort they have put into their rehearsals and I must thank Ms. Kawther and her team for the arrangements on stage. This is a highlight of the year and on behalf of the HIS community I wish all of our graduates the very best, they joined us as children and are now leaving as adults.

From Sunday 28th May the school day will move to a shorter day for the Holy Month of Ramadan. Students should be in school for 8.15am and will finish at 1.45pm (1.50pm for M&H School). Our staff will only be available until 2pm. Lesson times can be found in the Parent Handbook on the school website.

On days of exams, students who have exams are only required in school for the duration of their exam and parents must arrange transport for their children after each exam. The exam schedule below shows the general outline for exams and further details can be found in the weekly planning section of our website for Elementary and Middle & High.

Sunday 28th May            Arabic             8.30am to 10.30am     G4-G11
Monday 29th May          Science            8.30am to 10.30am     G4-G11
Tuesday 30th May          English            8.30am to 10.30am     G4-G11
Wednesday 31st May     Math’s             8.30am to 10.30am     G4-G11
Thursday 1st June           So. Studies      8.30am to 10.00am     G6-G11

Students must be in full school uniform (not PE kit) and must return all school resources before the exam starts on the same day. Re-sit exams are scheduled for the week following and parents will be contacted regarding the schedule. Please make sure the school has your correct contact details so you don’t miss important announcements and regularly check your Olive portal.

Final reports will be published at the end of the school year once all school materials have been returned and accounted for as well as any outstanding fees for this academic year have been paid.


Students of the Week



for showing a great change in academic progress

Jabur Hasan Saqer AlDoseri (KG1B)

Nawaf Mohammed Ali Senan (KG1B)



for great work in English, Math & Science

Abdulrahman Yusuf Mahmood AlKhaja (3BJA)

Aisha Khaled Abdulaziz AlKaabi (3GKE)

for great work in Arabic

Abdulla Jehad Abdulrazaq AlMahmood (5BTA)

Shadha Taha Ali Ameri (5GYO)


Middle & High

for great work in Math

Luai Taha Ali Al Ameri (6BNE)

Dana Husain Sameer Abdulrahman (7GMA)

Ammar Esam Abdulhameed AlHammadi (11BJA)

Hessa Salman Mohamed AlJalahma (11GSW)

I wish all of you an enjoyable weekend and Ramadan Kareem.

Yours faithfully,

Ian Gross

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