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Dear Parents,

Our school vision of Quality, Excellence and Citizenship could not have been emphasized more clearly over this past year. Passing the Bahrain Quality Assurance was the first step and showed the fruits of our hard work since the previous visit. The next step has already begun as we continue our journey and reach out for international recognition and accreditation. Our students are excelling with the quality education they are receiving in and out of the class; ensuring their roles as valuable citizens in a global society.


As always, when writing the last letter of the year, memories come rushing back. Too many to list, which is a blessing, our students have had many adventures and opportunities since August. Sport has been a particular focus this year and I was delighted when we joined the Bahrain schools sports league and saw so many students get involved at the weekends to play matches of basketball, football and handball, to name just a few.


Having students of all ages participating widens the opportunities and horizons for our young learners. School should not be just about the classroom. Karting at the BIC saw its first inter-school competition and Hawar was there to take part. Our students were also involved in the Bahrain Olympics and together they achieved two gold, three silver and seven bronze medals.


The Arts have been a big part of this school year with students being very successfully involved in the Gulf Traffic Week and the 34th Annual Theatre Festival for which we acted as hosts. The school you may have noticed has improved its display areas showing off the talents and enjoyment of our students. We have also been fortunate to host visits from US residents such as renowned pastry chef, Ms. Emily, an acclaimed film director, Mr. Griffin and a visiting artist, Ms. Ann. Let’s not forget the Harlem Globe Trotters at the start of the year.


This year we celebrated the Universal Children’s Day in November and it was truly amazing to be able to involve ourselves in helping children who are less fortunate than ours. I have mentioned many (not all) of the new and varied activities that we have been involved with and that’s not to forget all of the events that take place each year such as the Science Fair, Business Bazaar, Art Fair, Colour Days, Character Days, Twins Day, Book Fairs, Health Visits, Day Trips, the list goes on.


As with the passing of another year, we say goodbye and good luck to our graduating Grade 12’s as well as other departing students and their families, I wish you good luck and hope that you remember the wonderful times you have had. To the teachers and other staff members who are leaving I wish them all the very best in the next stage of their careers. What you have done and achieved at Hawar for our students will not be easily forgotten.


Children will receive their second semester certificates in special assemblies which will be held at the start of the new academic year. Final reports are being collected as I write and all that is left for me to do is wish you all Eid Mubarak and happy holidays. School begins again on September 10th.

Yours faithfully,

Ian Gross

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