High School

Students in the High School engage in a rigorous course of study that incorporates the 21st Century skills students will need as they move toward independent life in university and beyond. With these skills and a well-developed sense of optimism and integrity, students have the courage to question convention and think differently about the challenges facing themselves and our world.

This entrepreneurial spirit is fostered in a structured, yet intimate, environment. The High School is large enough to offer many academics to extracurricular opportunities, yet small enough so that all students become well-known by their teachers and peers. Students have the opportunity to develop and pursue their passions and truly have an impact on their areas of interest. As a result, each student stands out because talents and gifts are allowed to flourish in a unique way.

In the High School, students are encouraged to pursue their dreams and enhance the lives of others. There are a number of clubs, sports, and leadership opportunities for students including: student council and Model United Nations as well as a variety of special interest clubs.

In the High School students study Arabic Language, Arabic Social Studies, Islamic Studies, English, Math, Science (Biology, Chemistry and Physics) and Social Studies including Business Studies and Economics. Lessons are also taken in PE and ICT and in Grade 12 students are prepared for university with a Careers Education Development Program (CEDP).