Hawar International School has partnered with Life Fit to provide first class physical activities for our students after classes finish at 2.30pm (activities finish by 3.30pm). Based on parent and student requests the program offered is tailored to the school each semester. The link on the right provides parents with the activities for the current semester, costs and an application form. Our school cashier will receive payments in advance and provide a receipt which must be given to the relevant coach at the start of the course.

A wide range of trips relevant to the curriculum are arranged and are prepared in advance by the teachers and the Activities Coordinator. All trips are notified to parents and require an approval form to be completed and handed in to the school Activity Coordinator for the necessary arrangements to be made prior to the trip. Students without written permission will not be allowed to attend the trip. The formal school uniform should be worn on all educational trips unless otherwise indicated in the trip letter. Students who do not attend the trip are expected in school as usual and curriculum work will be organised in their lessons. The costs for transport for day trips within school are covered by the school fees. The costs incurred will be explained in the trip letter where appropriate and should be paid to the school cashier prior to the trip.

The school organises annual overseas trips which usually take place over school holidays, information letters detailing the trip and associated costs are sent to parents in advance of the trip. Parents are responsible for arranging visa documentation.

The school reserves the right to withdraw students from a trip if the student’s disciplinary record is poor over the course of the current academic year or if the school believes the student poses a risk to other students.