The criteria for admitting new students to Hawar International School are based upon several factors. These include:

The past records of the applicant from his previous school

Passing the entrance exams,

Passing an interview,

Having a good behavior record in the previous school.

For students with Special Educational Needs, an educational psychologist’s report is required before entry to HIS will be considered. The school has the right to request this information if the school believes the child has learning needs based on test results and previous school reports.

Availability in the appropriate Grade level, students will be placed on a waiting list when there is no availability. Priority is given to the brothers and sisters of HIS students, and to the applicants who have the best results.

Once a new student joins HIS, the student and the parents must abide by all school rules and policies.


Registration and Exam Fees

Subject to passing the entrance exam, the parent or the guardian will pay a registration fee once.

School Fees

The current school fees can be found on the school website and are paid in three instalments:

The first instalment is payable in the middle of the Second Semester (in April) for regular students. New students pay the first instalment during registration.

The second installment is payable at the beginning of the first semester (in September).

The third installment is payable at the end of the first semester (in December).

Please note that the misplacement or non-receipt of the original invoice will not be considered a valid reason for failure to pay the fees by the due date. No exam certificates, school reports or transfer documents will be released until all outstanding fees have been settled.

If more than one child from a family is enrolled AND the full amount owing for ALL enrolled children is not settled by the invoice due date, the school reserves the right to withdraw the places for ALL siblings in that family who are enrolled at the school. In these circumstances the school may cancel the places allocated to the family and, additionally, offer them to new applicants for places at the school. There is a demand for places and we have waiting lists in most year groups. The fees are payable in full, regardless of sickness or absence for other reasons.

Refund of School Fees

Registration fee is non-refundable. In the event of the parent wishing to withdraw their son/daughter from the school, the following will apply:

The school must be informed in writin

If the withdrawal is made before the end of June, the school will keep 50% of the fees up to that date

If the withdrawal is made from the beginning of July until mid-August; the school will keep 80% of the fees up to that date

If the withdrawal is made between 16 August up to the first day of the new academic year, no refund will be made up to that date

If the withdrawal is made during the academic year, the school has the right to retain all fees even if it was paid in full.